Monday, March 10, 2014

1000 S Clark Getting 29 Story Apartment Tower?

Back in January a reader sent us a photo of a truck which looked like it was taking soil borings between Target and Amli on Clark.  At the time we weren't really sure what it was.

Fast forward to last week and a new rumor is emerging (via Chicago Architecture Blog):
We’ve been told that 1000 South Clark will be a residential development. This isn’t too surprising, since there was a previous plan for a residential tower on this property. That plan for 600 residences died in 2008. According to the spring robins, the new plan calls for a smaller building. One that is wider than it is tall. One being developed by… well, we’re going to keep that under our hats for now until it can be corroborated. Let’s just say it’s a local company that has done similarly-sized buildings in the recent past, with a web site that’s been “under construction” for months, and who doesn’t return e-mails.  
That’s not a lot to go on, I admit. But then this showed up in the e-mail the other day:

Back in the day, we heard rumors that this was going to be developed for a "low-pried retailer" that wanted to be by target.  Maybe that will happen also.

We shall see.  Seems like every week we're hearing of new proposed buildings going up.  Reminds us of the boom times.

(Hat tip:  JJ!)

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