Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Café Bionda Expanding Into Old Victory Barbershop Space

Victory Barbershop recently closed up shop at 1926 S. State.  Why?  We're unsure.

Maybe it was because the popular next door neighbor, Cafe Bionda, wanted to expand.  Maybe not.  A reader writes:
FYI – Just letting you know that this weekend the proprietors of Café Bionda are knocking down the South wall and almost doubling the size of their restaurant into the old Barber Shop space. They will still be open for business through construction as the other side is done, with a third bar, large seating area with more low tables instead of the high tops and a huge (90”) projection screen for games and private meetings/banquets. Will be a welcome addition to a great restaurant.

Most every meal we've had at Bionda has been excellent.  Glad their expanding and best of luck!

(Hat tip:  MM!)

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