Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spring Awakening Fest Brings Bass to Soldier Field & Sloop

We ain't gonna lie, we like the bass.  Yes, we're probably a little old for the neon clothes and the late teen to young twenty year-old crowd, but hey the music just makes you wanna dance.

If this sounds interesting to you, then you may want to sneak over to the Soldier Field area to witness the second incarnation of the Spring Awakening music festival.  You may remember it from last year and you may not.  If you were in the Sloop you probably heard the persistent bass.

Well, according to an article in the Sun-Times, the festival is trying to minimize the noise for residents:
This weekend, another thumping electronic music festival comes to town — this time setting up shop in downtown Chicago. The Spring Awakening Music Festival features DJs and tech-music pioneers on four stages inside and around Soldier Field each afternoon and evening Friday through Sunday. 
Should residents in the South Loop run to the drugstore for earplugs? 
“People should expect to hear some music. It is an outdoor music festival. But we have taken every measure to help reduce excessive sound,” says Zach Partin of Chicago’s React Presents, which produces the annual festival. “We planned ahead and directed each stage’s sound away from residents and the harbor to help reduce sound bleed in either direction.”

So there you have it.  Maybe you won't hear it.  Maybe you will.  Or maybe you will be inside listening to Calvin Harris bring down the house on Sunday night like he did last year at Lolla:

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