Friday, June 21, 2013

Second Presbyterian Church Achieves National Historic Landmark Status

Last night we went to and a familiar site was front and center in the lead story on the website - Chicago church dedicated as National Historic Landmark.  That church of course is the Second Presbyterian Church at 1935 S. Michigan.

The Tribune has a nice article on the church:
(Jose M. Osorio, Tribune photo /June 19, 2013)
A Near South Side church that was once a spiritual hub for some of Chicago's most pioneering families is now the first Chicago church to achieve National Historic Landmark status.  
For more than a century, Second Presbyterian Church, a Gothic revival structure at 1936 S. Michigan Ave., has awed visitors with its lofty ceilings, intricate stained-glass windows and ornate wood carvings.  
The church made the prestigious landmark list earlier this year after a foundation dedicated to its preservation lobbied the Interior Department and the National Park Service. Members of that group, along with congregants and other admirers, gathered Thursday night for a dedication ceremony at the church.
A nice honor for a historic Sloop site!

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