Friday, June 7, 2013

Confirmed: Sofi Coming to 616 S. Dearborn

At this point it seems like a done deal - a new Italian restaurant named Sofi will inhabit 616 S. Dearborn which was formerly Trattoria Caterina.

It's been a hot topic here on Sloopin as well as our message board.

But yesterday a reader sent us a picture of a sign in the window (pic on the right).

The website is clearly a work-in-progress, so we don't know a ton about the spot.  However, a couple well informed readers have done some digging for us.

First off it seems like Sofi will be a sister restaurant to the Lincoln Park spot called Riccardo Enoteca (2116 N. Clark).  That restaurant has solid reviews on yelp (3.5 stars) and open table (4 stars), so that's a good sign.  Entres apear to be in the $10 - $20 range.  Not cheap but definitely reasonable for Italian.

Another reader let us know that they're shooting for a June 15th opening.  That means they would open a week from Saturday.  We will see, but glad to see an experienced restauranteur opening a spot in the Sloop!

(Hat tip: Jake312, Jim in the Sloop, MJ!)

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