Monday, June 10, 2013

The Three Bedroom Condo Shortage Dilemma

The Chavin's and their new 3 bedroom in the Grant (via Chicago Tribune)
While the Sloop has some 3-bedroom condos/apartments in the neighborhood, apparently there is a shortage (see Curbed Chicago blurb here).

Their article was in reference to a Tribune article which talks about developers realization that there is a changing trend and young families want to live in the city, but need more room.

A South Loop family was featured as an intro (Chicago Tribune):
Residential properties with more space and near a vibrant downtown and recreational amenities are attracting buyers such as Chase and Stefanie Chavin. 
In their desire to stay in the South Loop and maintain an active lifestyle, the Chavins bought a 3,000-square-foot, three-bedroom condo at The Grant, which will provide ample room to grow for their 3-year-old son and 22-month-old daughter. 
The Grant, a 54-story condo tower on South Prairie Avenue, has sold nearly half its 94 three-bedroom units since sales began this year. 
"We love living in the city and taking our kids to the museums, parks and restaurants," Stefanie Chavin said. "Now we have the space to grow in place. We wouldn't have moved here if we didn't think we could live here at least five years." 
Gail Lissner, vice president of Appraisal Research Counselors, an appraisal and consulting firm in Chicago, said three-bedroom units in the city are selling fast.

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