Monday, June 17, 2013

Chicago Reader Reviews Nepal House

We still haven't been to Nepal House (1301 S. Michigan), but reviews seem to be solid.  Yelp reviewers give it 4 stars and the Chicago Reader seems to have positive things to say (even though they question the owners business logic):
Bhatmas (Image from Chicago Reader)
I can't fathom the logic the folks behind the South Loop's Chicago Curry House employed in opening another Nepalese restaurant less than half a mile south—especially since the mother ship Curry Hut got its start in faraway Highwood, Lake County. OK, Nepal House has a much more trafficked location, but I can think of a dozen other neighborhoods that could use, and would support, a reliable source for momo, gundruk ko takari, or goat chhoela. What did the South Loop do to deserve two restaurants with nearly identical menus?  
I'm not sure there's much more I can say about Nepal House that I haven't already said about Chicago Curry House, which is a more-than-decent option for the mildly spicy food of the Himalayas. Nepalese restaurants in these parts tend to be duplicative in the sense that they always feature a small selection of actual Nepalese food headlining a large menu of the same northern and southern Indian dishes (but not Italian!) you see everywhere. So while I'd like to see a broader representation (yak-butter tea, anyone?), there are plenty of other options for eaters who just can't stomach "chicken chow mein Nepali style."

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