Wednesday, January 23, 2013

That Was Snappy! Snap Fitness Opens at 1212 S. Michigan

We first heard about Snap Fitness coming to the South Loop in August of 2012.  Fast forward to December and new windows were being carved out on the second floor of 1212 S. Michigan.

And now, a reader on our message board has tipped us off that the Snap Fitness is officially open for business.  We also saw some people running on treadmills in the window, so we're betting that this is true.

While we haven't been over to look inside yet we plan to in the near future.

Has anyone tried out the new spot?  We assume it will be a hit with people living South of Roosevelt as options are a little limited.  Our only question is whether or not their is parking options for the gym?

If not, it may have a tough time competing with the others that do (XSport and LA Fitness).


Markita @ SweshFit said...

I plan to check it out soon. People may be interested to know that you get a free 7 day pass so you can try before you buy :)

Ishea said...

I, too, wondered what their parking options would be... but I guess this will be great for foot traffic. There are SO few options in the area... and this is closer that FFC, XSport and LA Fitness.

Anonymous said...

I had actually checked it out back in December when the equipment had just arrived. I was told that they have a couple of spots but the owner was not sure how snap fitness members would enter the parking garage. I had stayed in contact with the owner and had been waiting so long for this gym to open. Because of the delay, I actually joined another gym nearby. The gym looks nice. I thought it was a little tiny and there were no group workout classes. I hope the best for them though!