Saturday, January 26, 2013

Curbed Chicago Checks In at East-West Dorm and Jones College Prep Construction Sites

Image via Curbed Chicago
Not a ton of new news, but for those of you who aren't familiar with these projects they have some good historical info.  Here is the quick blurb on the East-West Dorm (Curbed Chicago):
It's been a minute since Curbed has ventured to the South Loop's prominent construction sites, East-West University's new Student Life Center in particular. Back in October 2011, as Roosevelt University's Vertical Dorm rose fast in the Loop, East-West announced their own student center/dorm building. Ground broke last winter, but the 17-story tower at 825 S Wabash has really shot skyward in the past few months. Holabird & Root's eye-catching structure will house 220 students plus an auditorium, gym, food court, and library. Beyond the facade's quirkiness the main interest lies in the labyrinthine atrium/food court.

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Anonymous said...

anyone have an idea of what franchises will be in the food court?