Friday, January 25, 2013

Broad Shoulder Brewing TIF Finally Proposed?

It's been awhile since we've heard much about Broad Shoulders Brewing, the microbrewery that is planning on opening at 2337 S. Michigan.  The last thing we posted was way back in August of 2012.

Our post linked to an article from the Chicago Journal stating that the opening was being delayed until January 2013 due to permitting issues.  We also linked to a post announcing that  a city development panel approved a $628,000 TIF to with the build-out of the property.

Fast forward to now and it's January 2013 and we still haven't heard much.  We know that these things take time and often encounter bumps in the road.  However, we found it interesting/confusing that the city's website just announced that a TIF proposal for the brewery was just introduced into city council by the mayor this week.

We don't know the procedural steps in TIF's being granted, but we thought this was a done deal. Sure seems to be taking a long time.

Mayor Emanuel's quote on the TIF:
“This project will help Motor Row fulfill its role as an important link between the South Loop and the Near South Side,” Mayor Emanuel said.
Anyone got the scoop on Broad Shoulders Brewing?


Anonymous said...

for the latest news, looks like they have received their Liquor License.

Anonymous said...

for the latest news, he updates it regularly. Looks like he got the liquor license already.

Anonymous said...

Here is the procedure: the Chicago Community Development Commission approves a TIF project (and funding) - once projects are approved by the Commission (CDC) they go to the City Council for full approval. TIF funds are paid out as reimbursements for funds spend by the developers. Usually, once the CDC approves the project, the developer can use that approval to secure their own funding but they can't get reimbursed until the project is complete and the full council votes to approve the project.