Monday, August 13, 2012

America's Dog Opens; Snap Fitness Coming to 1212 S. Michigan

Two retail updates today.

First, we had a post in March stating that America's Dog was opening up in the gas station on the Southeast corner of Wabash and Roosevelt.  Well if you need a dog, you can now head to the restaurant because it's now open.

Second, according to their website, Snap Fitness is going to be opening up a gym at 1212 S. Michigan (the Southwest corner of Michigan and Roosevelt).  Again, this is an interesting development given the amount of gyms already located in the area and specifically on Roosevelt.  It starting to remind us of the grocery store influx on Roosevelt.

For those of you wondering what building this is, it's the same building with the Subway.  While it doesn't appear that there is vacant retail space in this building, we're pretty sure there is a large amount of space on the second floor.

We weren't familiar with Snap Fitness, so here is a quick blurb from their website:
For a fast, convenient and affordable fitness workout, choose Snap Fitness - the clean, comfortable close-to-home gym with everything you need to get results.
We will see if it's different from the other gyms in the area.

Oh and of course the business counter is up-to-date with these new places.


Michael said...

Pitabelly looks ready to open. Spanglish, however, is still raw space. Also Cartridge World on E. Harrison has closed up for good.

Jeanne said...

Your counter would benefit from a "MOVED" section (Marcel Florist, Paradise Spa.) there might be others.

ZS said...

Integrity dance studio, which took up the 2nd floor at 1212 S Michigan has moved to State and Archer - the vacated space is likely being taken up by Snap.

ZS said...

Integrity dance studio has moved from 1212 S Michigan to State and Archer - that is likely the space taken up by Snap.

Anonymous said...

Do we know of a date? I HATE xsport and FFC is a rip off. Hoping this is a cheaper alternative and they have TVs on their cardio machines! Fingers crossed!!! Please post a date when you know, Im hoping this becomes a reality BEFORE winter strikes :)

Tony said...

This is a little off-topic, but the beams supporting the L tracks at 18th are going to be refurbished/repainted next year -'L'_connector_getting_repairs

Michael said...

Update: Pitabelly now open.