Friday, January 4, 2013

Sport Clips Haircuts Opens at 10 E. Harrison

New Sport Clips sign with blinking "open" sign and grand opening sandwich board
Well la dee dad...that was fast.  It seems like yesterday we were contemplating why we haven't seen more movement at Sports Clips (10 E. Harrison), the new men's barber shop slated for Harrison.  Well that was mid-December.  Fast forward to December 31st when we were driving by and noticed a flashing open sign at the spot (see pic above).  Apparently it opened.

We will keep you posted on the other place to tame your mane -- Floyd's barber shop that has been progressing as well and is in close proximity just east on Harrison.

Given that it technically opened in 2012, we're updating our tracker for last year.  The net total is now back to +22 for 2012.  We have a couple other businesses that we're going to verify and then hopefully we can put this final tracker to bed for the year.


Anonymous said...

why not a cafe?? we need more cafes! I want to eat more and more and more and want more coffee and soft music!! Cafe cafe cafe! Fresh baked items and neat decor!

Anonymous said...

No way, we need more sports bars! For the bros!