Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Eleven City Diner Expands North in Lincoln Park

Photo: courtesy Eleven City Diner
Kudos to Eleven City Diner (1112 S. Wabash) on their plans to expand up North in Lincoln Park.  They join a couple of others who have also started in the South Loop and expanded up North.

Some people have had harsh things to say about the restaurant, but we like it!  Judging by the lines on the weekends, it appears many others do as well.

Grubstreet Chicago had a recent interview with owner Brad Rubin talking about the new spot and the challenges the old-school deli model faces.  He also has a good shout-out to the Sloop and how the northern version is going to be different and why:
We're not cloning the South Loop location. We'll bring certain things over— like the subway tile, I think that's intrinsic to the brand. But the South Loop has this energy, it's a busy, hustling place. It's different here, you've got moms with strollers taking a break, families. This location will have its own identity, its own thing going on.
Good luck up North...but glad you started in the South!


ap said...

Interesting comment from the owner about the energy. I really enjoy 11 but the truth is my family never felt welcomed when we brought our 3 year old.

Children can't sit in booths for liablity reasons? Really? So the only seats available are by the kitchen? Lo and behold - 5 tables all with's like - let's stick these urbanite wannabes in a corner so as not to disturb those who belong. Just my opinion.

Those without kids will object to my view, but I wonder if others with kids have had the same experience?

Anonymous said...

Don't have kids, but that is an incredibly lame policy (just like Eleven's weird no parking/(no) loading zone). I guess this is what the owner means when he says he'll have to change things up a bit at the new location.

Anonymous said...

Been there 3 times, walked out on the last one. Brad was just rude. When he's not busy posting fake online kudos on Yelp! for ECD (looove the food! greatest place in Chicago!) he's busy yelling at patrons. Better luck up north, Bradley, they won't stand for the rudeness.