Sunday, January 20, 2013

Shots Around the Sloop: Heads-up

From Emily Belden:
380 square feet. 39,000 heads-up pennies, all glued to the floor with love by South Loop couple, Emily Belden and Ryan Lange -- owner of South Loop tattoo shop, Code of Conduct.
We launched a site about it yesterday that went viral on all social media platforms, garnering worldwide traffic:
Some sweet stats from their webpage:
  • 1873: the oldest penny used; coin features an Indian head instead of Abraham Lincoln 
  • 1944: year of the WWII 440 steel penny used because of a copper shortage 
  • 38,903: total amount of pennies used 
  • 128: total number of man-hours it took to lay pennies 
  • 2: total number of people who made the penny floor possible 
  • 184: number of reruns (see glossary) placed before grouting 
  • $972.80: total cost for the penny floor about 2.56 per square foot.


Anonymous said...

I dont have a tatoo, nor will I ever get one (not against it, just personal preference), but I love these guys and their store. Glad to have them in the neighborhood.

Ren said...

Nice - wondering if they did Square One's bathroom?