Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sloopin Message Board Available on Mobile Devices Now

Friends of Sloopin,

When we first introduced The Sloopin Message Board back in August of 2012, some commented that they couldn't access this feature on their mobile devices.  We were perplexed, frustrated and beyond annoyed.

However, as of today, you should now be able to access our message board on your mobile devices!  Hip Hip Hooray!

Sorry for the lengthy delay and thanks for your patience!

If you have any problems please email us at

Sloopin Crew


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

aaannndd it broke the formatting for viewing in a normal browser. please fix. it's squished to the left now and we shouldn't have to click on each post within a thread to view them.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't work.

Sloopy said...

Are you still having issues with the formatting? It seems to be working for us now.

Let me know.

Blanche said...

Works for me...thanks sloopy!!