Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mazi Dance Fitness Centre Opens at 2nd Floor of 719 S. State

Well it looks like we have a new fitness option for those who prefer the class format.  Mazi Dance Fitness Centre ( has opened on the 2nd floor at 719 S. State:
When sisters Marisol and Ziba Sarabia first opened MaZi Dance Fitness in Wicker Park in 2009, they realized a serious need for an alternative fitness solution. It turns out they were right, and their new South Loop location is scheduled to open this month at 719 South State Street. MaZi Dance Fitness was one of the first “boutique” fitness concepts in Chicago, and although now there are dozens, Marisol Sarabia says, “Our differentiator from other boutiques is that we are a one-stop fitness shop for sculpting & cardio. Body by MaZi, is what keeps our clients coming back! Dance fitness shouldn’t be intimidating…it should be fun, challenging, and it should leave you feeling sore in places you never thought you had. We want people to feel and see results, but we also want them to feel like they’re a part of a community."
Welcome to the neighborhood!


Anonymous said...

I wish they made a meatball sandwich without pork...either way, very glad they are in the neighborhood, it brings a NY quality to the area.

Anonymous said...

I wish they made a meatball sandwich too. But I think that's a lot to expect from a dance studio