Monday, October 8, 2012

The History of 830 S. Michigan

Image from Architecture Chicago Plus
Remember this blue YWCA building at 830 S. Michigan which was demolished in 2010?  Well the Architecture Chicago Plus blog has a great and detailed post about the history of this spot.  A very interesting read of the current predicament at this location:
So now we come to what 830 is today: nothing. An empty lot. A raw abscess in the landmark Michigan Avenue street wall. It's testimony to how fragile Chicago's protection of its landmarks can be. The only positive legacy of 830's sad tale is the void it's left behind, an accusatory scar demanding we not waste this last opportunity along the civic showcase that is Michigan Avenue with anything less than the best.

They also have this great picture from the Aeroplane hotel which used to be at this location in 1929:
courtesy, Chuckman's Collection

Good stuff!

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