Saturday, October 6, 2012

This Week on the Sloopin Message Board (w/o 10/1)...

Some good stuff this week..thanks for the dialogue:

What was that Big Boom heard on 10/3/12 at10:40pm? 
Nail salons - what is the best in the Sloop?
New restaurant near Roosevelt Red Line
Notre Dame playing at Soldier Field Sat - area will be busy. 
What is with the god awful club music at all hours at 15th and State?
$65 Million in projects for our hood
Action in empty lot on Roosevelt between Michigan and Indiana


Anonymous said...

I hope that agent who is responsible for throwing those parties at 15 th and Stte is held responsible. has anybody contacted her real estate company?51

Anonymous said...

so wait--- an ex-prostitute/real estate agents was throwing late night coccaine parties on this rooftop with other creepos til 5 am and no one was arrested?

Anonymous said...

karmela's open

Trista said...

What is going in on the SW corner of 18th and Wabash?

Sloopy said...

It's going to be a auto repair shop: