Thursday, October 18, 2012

Looks Like the Daley Family Has Not Left the Sloop

We all know that the Sloop's most famous resident (former Mayor Rich Daley) left the South Loop and moved up to North Michigan avenue last year.  At the time, most people thought he was selling his townhouse in the Central Station development.  Well apparently he did sell it, but decided to keep it in the family according to the Tribune:
Former Mayor Richard M. Daley has sold his longtime, four-level, 3,040-square-foot town home in the South Loop for $750,000. 
Daley, who left office last year after a record-breaking 22 years as Chicago's mayor, is keeping the town home in the family. He sold it Sept. 13 to his daughter, Nora, and her husband, Grosvenor Capital Management vice president Sean Conroy. the town home never was publicly listed, which means that most details about its interior were not made available. 
In an exclusive statement to Elite Street, Daley, who is of counsel to the law firm Katten Muchin Rosenman, recalled the fun times that he and his wife, Maggie, who died last November, enjoyed in their 19 years in the home. 
"Maggie and I had great memories in that house -- dinners with family and friends, Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrations," Daley said. "The fact that my grandchildren will now be able to make new memories there is a wonderful thing. And it's a great community with strong families, great restaurants and wonderful amenities."

We liked having Da Mayor in the Sloop (speedy snow removal on Indiana Avenue anyone...).  While he obviously doesn't have the "power" that he once did, it was still disappointing to see him leave the neighborhood.

Hopefully he comes back down more often now that he has more of a reason.  It was fun seeing him around the Sloop!

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