Friday, October 26, 2012

Lacuna Fitness Officially Opens Tomorrow

Thanks to our message board we learned about Lacuna Fitness, a new gym concept that is coming to 645 S. Clark:
Lacuna Fitness is a 10,000 sf fitness facility on three levels, wherein personal trainers and fitness instructors pay a monthly membership to have access to this unique and full-equipped shared gym space for the purposes of hosting their individual or group classes or training sessions. 
Lacuna Fitness boasts such amenities as: 30-foot ceilings; a 5,000 sf astro-turf covered exercise field, perfect for allowing clients to feel like they are working outside in Chicago's winter months and with large garage doors open to Clark Street in summer months to give the gym its open and airy feel; top-of-the-line equipment throughout facility; luxury trainer's lounge perfect for your consultations, client progress meetings, or a place to relax between sessions; in-house concierge service to supply complimentary water to trainers and your clients as requested, provide towel service and equipment maintenance, and monitor and assist with booking of on-line scheduling system; community kitchen space on the second floor complete with granite countertops, a full-sized refrigerator, sink, dishwasher, and microwave; custom bench seating through-out; and more!
Interesting concept.  It also appears that you can rent out this space for events and what not.  On their website they have some videos of a "color outside the lines movie premiere". 

Welcome to the neighborhood -- we wish you the best!

(Hat tip: Jim in the Sloop and Joanna!)

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