Thursday, October 11, 2012

Help Local Students in the Sloop Name New Shedd Dolphin

It's not everyday that a neighbor let's you name one of the their kin.  Well some local students are getting that chance and need your help to achieve their goal.  An employee from the Shedd writes:
Students from two local schools – South Loop Elementary School and John C. Haines Elementary School – have the unique opportunity to help Shedd Aquarium name its new Pacific white-sided dolphin calf. Shedd is currently hosting an online voting contest allowing the public to select a name for the male calf from among five options. Additionally, each of the names are being represented by a Chicago-area elementary school. Students from each school will serve as ambassadors for their name, writing essays, creating visual elements and conducting research to help persuade online voters to pick their name. The winning class will receive a day at Shedd which will give them the opportunity to learn more about the calf, his mother and Pacific white-sided dolphins directly from Shedd’s animal care staff. All students from each of the participating classes will receive a poster featuring the dolphin calf.
The students from South Loop Elementary are representing the name Kusook (COO-sook) which means “play”. The students from Haines are representing the name Kisaani (kihs-AH-nee) which means “boy”.
The contest runs through Oct. 11 and additional information about the names and participating schools can be found in this news release.
So here is the link to vote.

For more info here is a link to the press release and here is a video from NBC5:

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