Monday, October 22, 2012

Suggest Sloop Locations for Chicago's Bike Share Program

Some of you might have put your bike away for the season, but that doesn't mean we can't think about biking around the lovely streets of Chicago.  A reader sent us this interesting email about suggesting locations for the new Chicago Bike Share program:
I saw a story about this in today’s Sun Times. Sloopers should weigh in on where they might want rental bikes in the South Loop. Looking at the map, we could use more votes and locations in our neighborhood. 
From the website (
“Bike share will be a new way to get around Chicago. It is an affordable, self-service personal transit system that allows bikes to be picked up from one location and ridden to any other location in the system. Commuters, residents, and tourists don’t need to own a bike to make bicycling a part of their trip! 
Already successful in cities around the world, bike share in Chicago will make it easier for everyone to get around. 
Please tell us where you’d like to see bike share station located, and why you'd use it. Find a good location on the map, then click "Add location", and tell us why it's a good location. Click "Submit location" when you're done. You can also find existing suggestions and click to your support.”

We are huge supporters of this and if we want the Sloop to be represented well in any new biking program...get on the website, recommend locations and click support!

(Hat tip: SD!)

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