Tuesday, October 16, 2012

South Loop Restaurants Make Chicago Magazine's Top 50 Sandwiches

Who doesn't love a good sandwich.  We know we do.  Well Chicago Magazine just published a list of the 50 Best Sandwiches in Chicago.  Luckily for us, some of the best are in the Sloop:

Manny's Corned Beef (image from Chicago Magazine)
#7 - Acadia's Lobster Roll ($16 - 1639 S. Wabash)
In a town that recently discovered the joys of lobster rolls, nobody does them better than Ryan McCaskey. He flies in fresh crustaceans from Maine daily, poaches them, sprinkles them with paprika and chives, and cradles them in buttery grilled rolls. From the Atlantic to your belly in 24 hours.

#17 - Manny's Corned Beef ($12 - 1141 S. Jefferson)
The most famous deli sandwich in Chicago is also the gold standard: a sliced-to-order spectacle of salty-sweet meat that’s so tender, juicy, and lean you’ll savor it, sans the mild rye or the mustard, using only your fork.

#45 - Cafecito's Cubana ($5.49 - 26 E. Congress Pkwy)
The success of this sandwich, a Cuban tradition with shredded pork, glazed ham, Swiss cheese, yellow mustard, and pickles, rests with the bread. Cafecito’s simple white slices are crisp around the edges and spongy within: perfect bookends for a grilled sandwich.

We can attest for #17 and #45, but need to head over to Acadia to try out the Lobster Roll (mouth watering).

Anything missing on this list from the Sloop?  Panozzo's anyone?


Anonymous said...

SANDWICHES ? who the hell eats meat anymore anytway? pass.....dull and boring.

DirtyDems2012 said...

obama used to eat his corned beef there with richie daley back in the day.

Anonymous said...

Panozzo's tomato/proscuitto/fresh mozz and meatball sandwiches are out of this world.
And now I won't be satisfied until I have one...

Anonymous said...

Cafecito is incredible. They have an incredible breakfast sandwich as well. They are a hidden gem

I wonder why nothing from Donna's cafe didn't make the list? hmmmm....

Blair B said...

You missed the pork belly sliders from City Tavern! They weren't given a number but they were in the "Sliders Rule" section, p. 88. And they do rule.