Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What's Happening at the Museum Park Sales Center?

A reader writes:

Hello Sloopin!

I love your site. Have you heard anything about what the plans are for the former site of the museum park sales center located on ne corner of 13th and Indiana? They started demolition on Tuesday and they are almost done with it. I have attached photo from my balcony view.

Any help would be appreciated.


(Hat tip: HS!)


Anonymous said...

Supposedly they will add park like landscaping this spring and in 2013 build townhouses.


Anonymous said...

Received this email on 11/23:

c/o The Museum Park Sales Center
1259 South Indiana Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605

Dear Resident;

You may have seen that the construction of the most recent Museum Park condominium developments has been completed and there are many new neighbors living in the area with more scheduled to move in.

These completed developments have enabled us to create full size unit models in each of the finished buildings to facilitate the sales effort, and hopefully you've had the opportunity to tour these models at your leisure. They are very exciting and showcase a wide variety of unit sizes, finishes and design.

As a result of that effort, we will soon move out of and close the Museum Park Sales Center located at 13th and Indiana. Going forward, the sales effort for any of the remaining buildings will be done from each of the remaining buildings.

Soon, the Sales Center complex will be dismantled, the site secured and new attractive temporary perimeter landscaping will be installed in the spring of 2012. The Sales Center site is already zoned for a residential development, which is planned to commence in early 2013.

Informational signage will be posted on the site providing sales information and a contact telephone number. If you have any questions please use that telephone number as your contact. Thank you for your interest in the Museum Park Development, it has been our privilege to have developed this neighborhood and have you among the residents.

The Museum Park Development Team

Anonymous said...

Do we know if it will be a high rise?

Anonymous said...

Considering Central Station they are paying over $54,000 per year in Cook County Taxes ($54,967.83 to be exact) for the plot, surprised it took this long.

I would be surprised of they are really in financial situation to be starting sales in 2013. But, townhomes would be quite an relatively easy sale for this location, even in this market. I thought they had already been optioning up the two parcels across the street that border Michigan Ave . Not sure why they would hang on to this one. Perhaps with their foreclosure proceedings on OMP - Tower II, drop in interest rates, by the stroke of luck, they could possibly negotiate their way into far better loan terms than they had.

Anonymous said...

Question for all SL: Would you be interested in more contemporary single family homes in this area vs townhomes? I wish developers had a housing stock of some of the newer homes in Bucktown as an option. * I am not a fan of Btown overall (I think it is a major smokescreen area, but love the modern homes).

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:58....I think single family homes would be great or even a 3 flat or 4 flat w/8 unit building would be awesome. This area needs some diversity in housing. Different building types would add some much needed character to the area. It won't happen there that piece of land is worth so much more with a high rise built on it. Perhaps the stretch of Wabash just south of Old Hardwood would be a good fit?

Anonymous said...

Keep the 3-4 flat out of the Sloop, but I liked your location idea on Wabash. Also, I thought the former ECO 18 (Wabash/18) location would be good, but that is becoming a new Goodyear station. Whenever Riverside gets built (the huge land that is just South of Roosevelt and West of Clark) I hope someone builds some of these types of homes there.

Anonymous said...

I hope they can put in a new stop sign there to slow down the auto traffic some more.

I primarily ride my bike and having more stop signs and slower cars is great for me since i can just blow right through all of the stop signs and pass-up those cars.

Anonymous said...

I was looking to purchase in the building overlooking the sales center. As my unit was lower and would face west I asked about the fate of the sales center. They told me it was zoned for development but it wouldnt go higher than 14 stories or so.

I was told this in 2009 so things may have changed as that was before the other 2 new towers were completed.