Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 11 Sloopin Stories of 2011: #6 - The Danger Zone (13th & Wabash)

It's that time of year and like many other websites, tv stations, newspapers and blogs, we're going to take a look back at some of the most important and biggest stories of 2011.

#6 - Danger Zone (13th and Wabash)

We've been hearing about traffic issues at the intersection of 13th and Wabash for some time now, but back in May we posted an email from a reader talking about cars blowing through the stop sign and nearly hitting pedestrians.

This post got a ton of comments and it appears that Alderman Fioretti has taken action as he announced that stop lights would be installed at the intersections of 13th/Wabash and 14th/Wabash.

While the lights aren't up yet, we assume it's a matter of time.


South Loop Savage said...

LOL "the danger zone"

if 13th and wabash is the "danger zone" what does that make the roosevelt L stop platform...

Anonymous said...

I sent the Alderman an e-mail 2 weeks ago as I was almost broad-sided going east on 13th and Wabash. Will it take a fatality to get something done?

Collin said...

Yea... it is bad... a driver almost hit my 4 yr. old son crossing the street at 13th.

As for Roosevelt... they obviously need to install barricades underneath the EL tracks... too many people cross Roosevelt under the EL... it is horrible!!!