Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Roosevelt University to Build Athletic Center in the South Loop

Roosevelt University's Vertical Campus has added a new dynamic to the Chicago Skyline and the South Loop neighborhood and today we read on Curbed Chicago that the university unveiled new plans to build an athletic center at the Southeast corner of Congress and Wabash:

With work nearly finished on the new 32-story Vertical Campus,
Roosevelt University recently announced plans to add another building to the
South Loop. With a $3-million donation from discount retail chain owner Larry
Goodman, Roosevelt will construct a two-story, multi-purpose athletic facility
at the southeast corner of Congress Pkwy. and Wabash Ave.

The post goes on to say that the athletic center is scheduled to be done by the end of 2012.

It seems like the only building going on in the Sloop is by educational institutions. Glad to have them in the neighborhood to ensure that the neighborhood continues to expand and evolve.

(Image from Curbed Chicago)

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