Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Printers Row Helicopter Lift

A reader writes and takes some great pics:
Thought I'd let you know that the helicopter lift scheduled for yesterday morning was partially successful. They succeeded in getting two new units to the top of Printer's Square and three old units down from the roof. But there are two more units that they wanted to lift but turned out to be too heavy. And I'm sure there's more on the roof that needs to come down.

So, they'll be back. I took some pictures.

For more pics check out his flickr feed and for more background check out his blog.
UPDATE: More pics from another reader:
(Hat tip: SW & TR!)


Anonymous said...

My bedroom window is one floor above the top of Printers Square (I live in the Transportation Building). I woke up with the Helicopter right outside my window! It was crazy!

Anonymous said...