Thursday, November 4, 2010

Segways Falls into Lake Michigan

If you read Sloopin, you probably know we laugh every time we see a Segway in the Sloop, so imagine when we stumbled across this story in the Chicago Tribune (from Saturday, October 30th):

A Segway rider fell into Lake Michigan near the Field Museum this afternoon, but
was able to get out of the water on his own.
This has to be the best South Loop Segway story ever...and the picture makes it even better. Pure hilarity!

(Image from Chicago Tribune)


Scrumpy said...

That is funny!

And so you know Sloopy, I used to be a proponent of the Segways. But after living here a year and a half and daily encounters with the tour groups in Grant Park, I'm over it! My dogs have nearly been run over several times and on multiple occasions, I've seen tour guides taking a whole herd of them off the paved paths and onto the grass. Not good for our lovely parks.

So keep up the anti-Segway propaganda!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. Give a subarbanite a helmet and a segway and they lose their minds. Those guides are not much better. Here is my solution.

Segway guides- Most of you are probably art school or theater drop outs. Take the subarbanites and draw a picture with them.

Subarbanites- Quit being so damn lazy and just walk. Rent fanny packs instead and power walk by our beautiful lake instead of taking it over.

Anonymous said...

I am all in favor of Segway Tours. You get to try new technology and see some cool sites up close and personal. Better than the boats and buses.

Although most of the guides seem to be students working a summer job, our tour guide was a Mechanical Engineer who lost his job during this recession.

...maybe you'd like him to build a mock Willis/Sears Tower out of Legos? Or, maybe he could just be one of those annoying pan-handlers. lol