Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monkey Bar Gym Coming to the Neighborhood

We got some tips that a new gym is coming to the area called Monkey Bar Gym. Yes, it sounds like it would be for kids, but from what we've read that's not the case:
Monkey Bar Gym was created by Jon Hinds in 2000 and was the beginning of a fitness revolution. MBGs are the only gyms in the nation to integrate full-body skills training for strength, speed and stamina; Eischens Yoga for restoration and healing; and a plant-based diet for the health of people and our planet. Full-body skills training, Eischens Yoga, and Plant-based Nutrition is the MBG3.
The space is currently being built out just south of Cermak at 2255 S. Michigan. A reader emailed us letting us know that they're planning on opening on December 1st. Here are some pictures of the space from their website:

Glad to see more stuff moving in down there. Although it's not the Sloop by our definition it's still an area with a ton of potential. Anyway, if you're intrigued it sounds like they're going to have free classes during the opening weeks. Check out their website for more info.

(Hat Tip: SoloMotorRow!)


Anonymous said...

too bad it isn't for kids-we really need some place to bring all these kids to in the dead of the winter! Really wish a Family Grounds type place would open around here.

Anonymous said...

There is a new indoor park/playground at 18th and Indiana, inside the Veteran's Museum.

Anonymous said...

yes, but the indoor park place is for young kids and toddlers. i'd love to find something for my older rambunctious boys in grade school. pump it up or the like would be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Googled it www.park550advisorycouncil.com. Called Park 550, at 18th & Indiana next door to Chicago Women Park and Gardens in the Prairie District. Includes playground and cultural center

Look like they have photos of the place, schedule of the adult and kids classes, including yoga, and the hours for the indoor playground are on the website. Place looks sweet.

Anonymous said...

The yoga class filled up really fast. I was on vacation during the day of walk in registration (the only way to register), and when I got back, the class was already full. I hope that means they will offer more than 1 class in the future as well as offer online registration.

Tony II said...

Motor Row & Prairie District residents have a meeting with the owners this week. Any other feedback you would like to extend? Cost, classes, etc.. Don't be shy.