Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fioretti Has Cancer; Will Not Run For Mayor

In an announcement today, 2nd ward Alderman Robert Fioretti said he will no longer be seeking the position of Mayor in Chicago, but will still seek re-election to his current job. Unfortunately, he also announced that he has cancer.

The Chicago Tribune has more on the story, but here is a quick blurb:
Ald. Robert Fioretti, 2nd, said today he has cancer and will not run for mayor of Chicago, but will be running for re-election in his ward.

Fioretti said doctors told him he has cancer in his tonsils and he will undergo seven weeks of radiation and three sessions of chemotherapy, beginning a few days before Thanksgiving.

"It's tough words to hear. Nobody wants to hear that you are a member of a club nobody wants to be a member of," Fioretti said.

Best of luck to Bob!

(Hat Tip: ND!)


Anonymous said...

Firstly, I wish him a speedy recovery

I live in his ward and he's doing a hell of a job. Glad to hear the mayoral taint won't be in his immediate future . . . we need him focused on the South Loop where there's still lots of work to do. His plan for a grid-based garbage collection service is exactly the type of efficient, problem-solving I want to see coming from my alderman. Keep up the good work. Maybe he can work with the next mayor to repeal the lousy parking meter lease?

Anonymous said...

I wish the Fioretti best wishes for his recovery. But I wish to remind the previous commenter that Bob Fioretti voted in favor of the parking meters.