Monday, November 8, 2010

Kingoberry Opening in Printers Row; Another Mainstay Hospitality Spot too?

Some recent comments about the new Ole' Hardwood restaurant prompted us to the Metromix "Countdown" section, which highlights news spots potentially opening around the city and this case the Sloop.

We were excited to see a new Frozen Yogurt spot, called Kingoberry (555 S. Dearborn) coming to the Printer's Row area. They will be opening on Dearborn and according to metromix will be sharing space with Pocket's. Although we're not 100% sure what it will be like, from reading its menu the concept sounds a lot like Starfruit and Berry Chill. Hopefully this is the case because those places are quite tasty!
Also of interest is a vague nod to a new potential restaurant/bar opening in 2011:
Unnamed Mainstay Hospitality Project 2011
South Loop
Mainstay owner Matthew O'Malley and Chicago Firehouse chef Kendal Duque
plan to team up again for a new project. The only certain thing at this point?
It'll be in the South Loop.
We've read some comments on Sloopin bashing Grace O'Malley's, but we're definitely supporters of the Mainstay Hospitality spots in the Sloop (see old post here for more context). Grace O'Malley's might not be our favorite, but it's a solid place. Regardless, it's good to see that they're having success in the South Loop and are continuing to invest in the neighborhood.
Where, what or when this might happen is a bigger question. Anyone have any insight?
We heard a rumor that the space that was being built out for the stalled Pita Corner restaurant (next to the closed WineStyles on 1200 block of South Michigan) was being shopped around to various proprietors in the area. We also heard that a deal to create a restaurant and/or bar joining those two places together was almost done. Could this be the Mainstay Hospitality project? Hopefully!


Rich Hughes said...

Unfortunaley, Kingoberry (already effectionatley nick-named dingleberry) is only 2 blocks from Yogen Fruz:,+IL&cid=11706950564154842999&ei=thbYTKmlMorHnAfT1P21CQ&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=placepage-link&resnum=2&ved=0CC0Q4gkwAQ

which seems to have a better offering.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that the "now leasing" sign has been removed from the old Orange space on Harrison. Anyone hear anything about that?

Anonymous said...

Don't read Metromix' "Countdown" section unless you like bad news. While neighborhoods like lakeview, wicker park, bucktown, river north, west loop, lincoln park, etc., have multiple listings to add to their already ample supply of options, the Sloop only has ONE, and it's not even confirmed! If you really want to suffer, read the "Countdown" section with the "New on the Scene" section as further proof that this hood is completey and utterly ignored by commercial enterprises.

Anonymous said...

I've been seeing some (slow) work done on the kitchen space where Orange was - hopefully something good is coming soon!

Anonymous said...

It's no Pinkberry I'm sure.

Can't someone open one of those here please?

Anonymous said...

Chicago Firehouse is bar far the most over rated restaurant in town. Service is HORRIBLE and you can get better steak anywhere downtown. Ever notive the rats in the outdoor seating??