Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bikram Yoga South Loop Begins Construction at Dearborn Station

We had some posts about Bikram Yoga at the beginning of the year, but haven't heard much since then. Well today that changed. We received numerous emails from various sources letting us know that:
Bikram Yoga South Loop has commenced construction in Dearborn Station (see attached pic). We aspire to open in February 2011. Will update again when newsworthiness prompts.

As you may remember they were getting ready to open at 1925 S. Michigan. It seems like they decided to move further up North in the neighborhood. For more info check out their twitter feed or website.

Good luck to them!

(Hat Tip: Nat Dog, JM, MG)


Flacos said...

I love this location and building. but I can not figure out why, with the growth of the South Loop and Printers Row, why this building is not doing better commercially. Seems that in the last 5 years it has gone back wards (Chase moved out of it), etc. It has a parking lot, which should be a bonus.

I think the Cul-de-sac issue impacts exposure and visibility. Need something else to anchor the site.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous poster re: the location, building. I would think it would be a natural location for boutiques. Altho it's great to have the Jazz Showcase there, that's a real coup for the South Loop. I remember reading somewhere (wish I could remember where) that the original restoration/rehab wasn't done that well. I would love to have more retail there ... maybe when the economy recovers. I think it does have a lot of tenants, doesn't it? Don't get inside that often, but do go the UPS Store fairly often.

Anonymous said...

Some needs to open a decent coffee shop in there that serves a solid, simple breakfast menu.

Flacos said...

Agree on the Coffee Shop comment. Considering how well Room 12 and Yoke do, this location could do well with a place like that.