Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What's that Smell?

A reader writes about the scrumptious smell on Wabash:
My fiance and I moved into 1305 S. Michigan last summer and since then have been teased on a weekly basis by the smell of fried dough in the neighborhood. We always assumed it was the Dunkin Donuts next to the Wabash Tap; however, when they were remodeling the Dunkin Donuts over the last few weeks the amazing smell continued to tease us. Perhaps Jewel bakes its own pastries? Either way it often smells delicious!

Anyone have any insight into this? The only other thing we can think of is maybe the company Comfort Cake, who is based at 1243 S. Wabash Suite 201 (however we don't know if they actually bake there).

Regardless, we agree that the smell is potent and very appetizing!

(Hat Tip: JG!)


Chris said...

Haha, I know that smell too! I used to think it was Dunkin Donuts as well, but its lingering presence during their remodeling says otherwise.

It would be nice to know where it actually comes from. I'd go eat whatever they're baking! If someone claimed that delicious scent it could be the best advertising ever!

Anonymous said...

Unless you're smelling stale and rotting fruit or fried chicken wings, I'm sure it's not coming from Jewel.

Anonymous said...

I think that D&D bakes donuts for other locations
that don't have a kitchen. I was at Wabash tap and
while the D&D was remodeling that familiar smell
wafted into my nose also. Gio

Anonymous said...

It's the Jewel. Their bakery can be found in the southeast corner of the building and there's an exhaust that blows out somewhere back there. Sometimes you get whiffs of friend chicken as well, as the deli/rotisserie area are on the east side of the store also. It's like movie theaters pumping the smell of popcorn into the crowd!

Anonymous said...

It's Dunkin. They have a whole factory back in there. They supply a bunch of stores.