Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shots Around the Sloop: The New Buddy Guy Legends Sign

We're really excited about the new spot for the legendary blues club, Buddy Guy's Legends and recently they installed their new sign at the Southwest corner 7th and Wabash. Rumor has it that the club could open within a couple weeks.

For more background, there is a great article by Greg Kot of the Tribune talking about the new place. Our favorite paragraph is the one about the new "state of the art" sound system:
Gary Gand, owner of Gand Music and Sound in suburban Northfield, says his
company installed a digital mixing console and sound and lighting equipment
"comparable to what you'd see at a major music festival or the United Center
rather than a typical blues club."

Speakers in the ceiling will provide a strong bass presence throughout the
club. "We can steer the sound coming out of them with computers," Gand
says. "We can reflect sound around the room electronically and keep it off
the stage so the microphones don't feed back. Every seat in the house will
have great sound. We're looking to blow people's minds."

We can't wait for our minds to explode!

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Lou said...

They're hoping that this is their last weekend in the current location. Should be in the new location by the beginning of next week.