Monday, May 17, 2010

Exposure/Utopia Removes Awnings

A couple of readers have sent us some emails about Utopia (1313 S. Wabash) finally removing the awnings that displayed the name of the former resident, Exposure Tapas:

I'm writing because I noticed something on Wabash (1300 block) on my way home
this evening - the Exposure / Utopia awnings are gone. I believe this happened
today. See attached. Do you have any dirt on what might be going on? I've never
been a fan of this dumpy, shady place and I hope this means it's gone.
As far as we can tell they're still open and we're curious to see if they put anything up. Personally, now that the windows aren't blocked by the awnings we think the place looks much classier. The windows are huge and look to be in pretty good shape.

(Hat Tip: MD & ED!)


Anonymous said...

Please let this mean that this "business" has decided to pack it in. I always thought that 'exposure/utopia/now open/grand opening' looked bad from the outside. However, I did decide to give them the benefit of the doubt and actually went in for dinner once. Horrific. Everything from the "scene" to the service to the food was regretable and forgetable. This is such a high profile sloop location with great potential if in the right hands.

Griffin Caprio said...

Never been to Utopia, but Exposure was awful. Reminds me of what happened to Tantrum. At first it was a nice club / bar that you could go to. Then it turned into a full on club, with bottle service and velvet ropes. It seemed intent on luring the 'hip-hop' crowd. Same for Exposure. It tried real real hard to be a 'urban destination' except the owners clearly had no experience executing it.

Anonymous said...

We went to Flo & Santos Sunday for lunch (very good BTW), and Utopia appeared to be open for business. They had a banner up that said now open and the menu outside the door. I did see at least one lady go in, but I'm not sure if it was to eat or work.

My guess is they've finally decided to do away with the Exposure branding and truly open as Utopia.

Tim said...

On Friday they were handing out $20 gift cards to passersby on the west side of Wabash and I could actually see people inside through the windows. Looks a lot better with the awnings and Zapatista's scaffolding gone.

MarkChicago said...

"They had a banner up that said now open"

This has been up for over a year.

Anyone tried out A Capella yet? I am reminded of that scene in The Goonies where the kids are served red "water" in the old closed-down Italian restaurant.

Anonymous said...

No, the banner is new. Well not new, but in a new location. You can tell in the Sloopin picture it's not there, but there is one now near the Windows.

HarveyBirdman said...

Was the bad food experience at Utopia or Exposure or both? I vaguely remember that Utopia serves carribean food, and so not the same as Exposure. Haven't eaten at either place, but I'm curious if fellow sloopers think it's worth a visit.

Anonymous said...

Because you asked, I'd like to say that my dining experience at A'Cappella yesterday was terrible. From the service, to the mediocre food, to the price, and the atmosphere, it was all bad I'm sorry to say. I've been waiting for this place to open for a year and a half. They need another year and a half to work out all their kinks.

Santos + Martin said...

Northwestern's Anesthesia department had their holiday party at Utopia in December. It was an okay time but ok food and ok service. I don't think the person who set that gathering up ever ate there.

Anonymous said...

"I am reminded of that scene in The Goonies where the kids are served red "water" in the old closed-down Italian restaurant." Thanks MarkChicago, I could not stop laughing!!!!!!
I did go to Utopia and was not very impressed, this was last year in August when they first opened. The food had no flavor, just masked in "jerk" spices. I have had 1000 times better jerk chicken, fish at Chef Luciano's (probably one of my fav places in solo). I also went to A Capella for breakfast, another bad experience. They took forever, the food was blah, and they also didnt seem to know what they were doing. The split pea soup was disgusting. My 2 1/2 year old nephew kept gagging after he tried it.