Saturday, May 1, 2010

Peregrine Falcon Nesting at 1130 S. Michigan

In case you missed the story in the Chicago Journal, a Peregrine Falcon is nesting on the top of 1130 S. Michigan highrise. There is even a live Falcon Cam in place to watch the hatching of the babies as well.

We're glad to see that the falcons came back to the Sloop. As some of our readers might remember, last year (almost to the day) we were contacted by Stephanie Ware who works at the Field museum (and lives in the Sloop) regarding this topic:
I work with a program that monitors the Peregrine Falcon population here in Chicago. Two years ago, a pair of peregrines new to the Chicago region tried to nest on the Field Museum, but they were unsuccessful. They returned the following year and, after laying a few eggs in a precarious location on the museum, tried to set up shop at a construction site in the south loop. That nest failed as well.

The pair is back this year and we have been tracking them since early March. However, we haven't been able to determine where or IF they have chosen a new nesting site. At this point in the season, this pair will have likely laid eggs and they should be hatching in the next couple of weeks. We would like to find them in order to put leg bands on the chicks and record the identities of the adults.

Anyway, glad to see they were found this year and here's hoping to a successful birth!

(Hat Tip: PF!)


Anonymous said...

they will fit in well with the other crazy birds in the south loop

Anonymous said...

I'll take predatory birds over pigeons any time.

Anonymous said...

The falcon babies have hatched. They are visible through the Web cam.