Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Reiew of the South Loop Film Festival

Earlier this week we posted about the first annual South Loop Film Festival and from reading this review in Gapers Block, it sounds as if it was a good event:
The festival included 2 world premieres, eleven Chicago premieres and it was successful in its organization, curation and attendance. Here's hoping there is a Second Annual South Loop Film Festival.
UPDATE: Here is the winning entry:

(Image from Gapers Block, Christian Date)
(Hat Tip: To Anon)


Anonymous said...

Winning film can be seen here:

Quite cute and original.

SoloMotorRow said...

I went to the event and it was truly fun, relaxing and great to be able to ask the filmakers, producers and actors questions at the end. Whole Foods was the main sponsor so they gave a big bag of goodies to everyone as they left. They had animation films, live action and some were a mix. Show your support again next year !