Friday, April 9, 2010

Flo & Santos Overview on the Thrillist

From the thrillist:
Named for the parents of a mixed Polish (Flo) and Italian (Santos) family that one of the owners grew up with, F&S honors both of their culinary roots in a 67-seat exposed brick & red-boothed pub decked with eight flatscreens (plus a 90-inch HD projection screen) and photos of the old Chicago Coliseum, which hosted Buffalo Bill's "Wild West" show, but mercifully was destroyed before it could see the Will Smith version.
(Hat Tip: AM & MS!)


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about why there isn't a Polish restaurant close to the Loop, AFAIK.

My prayers have been answered!

Unknown said...

Polish Food Rocks- warms the soul. I hope the have some open air seating as well. South Loop needs it.

Anonymous said...

I second the need for outdoor seating! The sloop has the fewest amount of al fresca dining options of any hood in the entire city!

Anonymous said...

Flo and Santo's is a welcome addition to the South Loop. The Polish food was great. Try the perogi sampler or just go for it with the Polska sampler - the pizza is not bad either!

HarveyBirdman said...

I got to visit Flo & Santo's last Saturday night. Very nice atmosphere, and the food was good (we had the garlic bread and one of the flatbread pizzas.) The cherry pierogies made for a tasty dessert too. Good addition.