Friday, January 1, 2010

What's Going on With the Demolition of the Firestone Building?

We posted about a bunch of demolition projects in the South Loop a couple of months ago and it brought on some questions about the Firestone building at the corner of 16th and Wabash..

Recently we've received a bunch of emails (and pictures) asking us about this.  Unfortunately we haven't heard much so thought we would bring up the topic again and see if anyone knows anything about this.

We read a comment that they were simply replacing the roof, but judging by the pictures below that doesn't seem to be the case.

(Hat Tip to RL!)


Anonymous said...

I was at a GSLA meeting a few months ago where someone from Firestone corporate presented the new structure. Total demolition followed by a whole new more efficient and "enviromentally friendlier" building. They claimed to be reopening in March 2010. All current employees except for two who chose to move on will be returning.

Rob said...

I'm curious about the history of the building. Was it built for firestone? Looks like it at one point had some sort of siding to the air line, like other buildings along 16th. What, if anything, did they keep in the 2nd and 3rd floor rooms?

Well, I'm glad Shane will have a chance to keep working there.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, simply rebuilding this garage. No new residential. No new dining. No new retail. Just a tire shop. Ho hum.

Lance Uppercut said...

This is gonna sound weird but the alley behind this place (under the EL) was strangely picturesque in an industrial revolution kinda way.

Rob said...

anon @ 8:01pm, there are plenty of good residential, retail, and dining options already built and awaiitng residents/tenants.

Hooray for "just a tire shop"!

Carl said...

Um, yeah . . . this has come up before.

Strictly utilitarian shops like this may not seem like a "sexy" element for the area but, when you really need their services, they're a critical element to a prosperous neighborhood.

I, for one, will be thrilled when they re-open . . . hauling ass across town to some place like Pep Boys is not my idea of a good time.

And do we really need any more new (underoccupied) structures around these parts?

Anonymous said...

There's more than enough room @ that corner to put a rebuilt tire shop plus so much more. That's what is disappointing. Plus, a tire shop and auto body shop are really more suitable for the suburbs. Aren't the two of you guys always vigorously advocating for two more eL stops in this hood? Why the need for all the excess public transportation projects if you're so attached to your car?

Anonymous said...

I think it's good for emergencies if you have a car. Plus, there’s still plenty of retail space at 1555 Wabash and on 16th/State that are available for other type of stores.

FGFM said...

Plus, a tire shop and auto body shop are really more suitable for the suburbs.

Motor Row, go figure.

Tim said...

I live really close to the Firestone and while new retail would be nice (I would especially appreciate a fast food option like Chipotle), there is obviously plenty of space elsewhere for that sort of thing.

If the North and Clybourn corridor can fit four auto shops into its mix which includes the forthcoming Apple store, I don't see why the South Loop should be any different. Regardless, any new development is going should make the neighborhood look more appealing, especially if it's occupied!