Friday, January 1, 2010

A Sloopin T-Shirt Contest!

It’s January 1st so it’s time to begin tackling that New Year’s resolution. Here at Sloopin we’re going to try to add and evolve features on the site this year. We don’t want to let the cat out of the bag yet, but we’re excited for some of the things we’ve been tossing around, so stay tuned.

The problem is that some of our improvements are most likely going to cost some money. So unless someone wants to donate some dollars to Sloopin, we’re going try a different way to generate some funding for the improvements.

So what are we thinking? A Sloopin T-Shirt contest!

Here is how it’s gonna work:

1)  You’re going to create a kick-ass T-Shirt for Sloopin 
Do whatever floats your boat, but your t-shirt MUST include these two critical things:
  • Must include our name in some capacity – “Sloopin”
  • And the Year - “2010”
2)  Use this template to submit your design.

For those of you who are graphically challenged but have a great concept, you can let us know what you’re thinking and we will try our best to mock something up (however we can't promise anything).

3)  Deadline
All entries need to be to sent to by January 31st, 2010

4)  Voting
We will review all entries, post all of them to the site in February and have readers vote on which shirt will be the “2010 Sloopin T-Shirt”.

5)  Buy the 2010 Sloopin T-Shirt  
Once a winner is picked, we will then create the shirt and hopefully you will buy them! Assuming we sell more then three shirts (we’re pretty sure our families will at least buy three) the profits will help fund our potential site improvements.

6)  Prize
We know it's not much, but we will give the winner their T-Shirt for free.  Most importantly you will be helping us out and get the pride of having created the 2010 Sloopin T-Shirt!  OK, it's not that exciting, but regardless we will say thank you.

Good luck and let the best design win!


Andy Sites said...

Any word on what sizes you'll be printing and what type of shirt quality? A high quality, form fitting shirt is something I'm more likely to wear with pride. American Apparel shirts are very nice.

Sloopy said...

We will definitely be looking for high quality shirts. I'd love to do American apparel shirts, but cost might be an obstacle. Thanks for the suggestion, we will look into it.

macasoga said...

I would be nice if Sloopin released their logo (.eps) for possible use in the tshirt design :)

Sloopy said...

yeah we can do that...

do you just want the 'sloopin' text? or also the skyline?

Sloopy said...

Macasoga, the font we use for the sloopin logo is alba. Unfortunately we upgraded to a newer version of photoshop and this font doesn't appear to be on it.

However, there are some free sites that let you download fonts. We're working on getting the font loaded into our photoshop, but hopefully for the time being this does the job.