Saturday, January 30, 2010

Never been to Tantrum...but Intrigued

Like I said, we've never been to Tantrum (1023 South State Street) but would like to at some point. The name kind of turns me off, but it still would be interesting to check out especially if they spin classic hip-hop at the place like is stated by this little review from a ChicagoNow blogger:
I can admit that long before that alcohol settled in my system, I appreciated the 30-40-aged crowd in the building. The DJ was spinning the best mix of classic R&B music and some of the more tolerable Top 40 music of today. The speakers delivered the music in a mid-range instead of thumping in my ear. I could hear myself think and enjoy my conversations without rupturing someone's eardrum from yelling.
Not the most exciting review, but a good look into a place we've heard little about.

(Image from Tantrum's Website)


Josh said...

It's a nice place, a little smallish. Great drinks, nice people. Very laid-back, mostly African-American clientele. Not unlike M Lounge. Great DJ, not too loud.

JC said...
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Andy Sites said...

I like Tantrum, but it is too small.

Leah said...

I like Tantrum. It's small but I'm okay with that. Most of the time the music is good but their system isn't the greatest- but still good because it's not too loud in there. Nice neighborhood bar.