Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prediction: It's Going to be a Good Decade for South Side

Yesterday we read an article in the Chicago Sun-Times titled, "Prediction: Near South Side Set to Boom". Although it focuses on the broader south side area, it obviously touches upon various reasons why many in the South Loop like the area so much:
What’s the next high-demand neighborhood set to emerge? Where will the next city real estate boom occur? Look no further than along Lake Michigan, the Windy City’s big blue front yard, where new harbors, boat slips, parks and beaches are planned. It is likely that much of the future lakefront housing will be developed between now and 2020 in the South Loop and Near South Side, surrounding McCormick Place, planners say.
The entire article sounds like a sales pitch to us, but regardless it's a compelling one. We were a little skeptical after reading it, but it was still interesting.


Anonymous said...

I just read an article in the Red Eye today saying Avondale is the next hot spot.

Everyone's got an opinion I guess.

Anonymous said...

Prediction: poor spelling will continue

Frank said...

Prediction: anonymous trolling will continue

Anonymous said...

Well it was written by Don Dabat so it has to be true right? He reminds me of a combination of Elain's boss from Seinfeld, and the informercial guy Kevin something.