Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Obama's Movie Theater of Choice?

Just read a review of the ICON theater at Roosevelt Collection. Not much new information, except for this odd prediction:
The theater is for the sophisticated theater goer. There is a certain romance here, that is inviting. And when the Obamas visit Chicago, this I betcha ya will be their theater of choice.
Thought this was an odd statement. Am I missing something? Do the Obama's always go to the movies when they're in Chicago?

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Jim in the Sloop said...

I remember reading about the Obamas habits when they lived in Hyde Park, and indeed "going to the movies" was on the list, as was bike riding on the lakefront, getting ice cream cones, etc. I would think that this activity won't happen much for awhile, especially since the White House has its own screening room where thay can watch whatever they want to.