Sunday, February 15, 2009

Flaco's Taco's Now Open Late

So Sloopin hit up Flaco’s Taco’s in October of ’08 and although we were all a little intoxicated at the time, it was a big hit and somewhere we knew we wanted to go again.

Fast forward to some random late, drunk Friday night in Wicker Park and man were we hungry. We flag down a cab, head south on 90/94 back to the Sloop when a great thought enters my mind…“I need a burrito, I need Flaco’s Taco’s”. We quickly call an audible to the cabbie and it’s off to Flaco’s. We pull up and to our chagrin it’s closed. Evidently Flaco's isn’t open at 2:35am. Naturally we’re disappointed, especially since this same thing has happened at least twice since this initial incident.

Needless to say, this past Friday presented another opportunity to hit up Flaco’s. Lucky for us it was open when we strolled up to the restaurant this time. We had a large group and although we didn’t take a formal poll, it seemed like everyone was quite happy with the decision. The highlight for me personally was the $3 beer that was on tap. I can’t remember the name, but damn it hit the spot.

The moral of the story is that it now seems that Flaco’s is open late night, which is good or bad depending on what you think. Sloopin’s take…it’s a good thing.

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Brady said...

I've only been to Flaco's once but the food was amazing. I skipped the traditional fare of tacos and burritos, in favor of the more the more delicious chorizo quesadilla. I'd recommend that dish to anyone, along with their chips and salsa. The decor of Flaco's could be described as elegant, yet understated which contributes to an overall great atmosphere. My only gripe is that a large group of drunk people came in and caused a ruckus during my meal. I hate it when people allow their lack of class to affect others.