Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vacant Properties Litter Chicago

Not a phenomenon solely in the South Loop, but this article references Linens-n-Thing leaving southgate market in the South Loop:
Several retailers closed stores last year in Chicago, including Circuit City and Linens 'N Things.

The bedding and home-furnishing retailer closed its flagship Michigan Avenue store and one at Southgate Market shopping mall in the South Loop.

The retailer brought in "a lot of people" to the shopping center at Roosevelt and Canal, said Robert Medina, manager of Visionworks at Southgate. Medina said he's seen fewer people come to the shopping center since the store left a few months ago.

"People are always asking what happened to Linens 'N Things," Medina said. "Business has been smooth, but we are seeing less traffic coming in," he said.

He said other retailers at Southgate are not panicking just yet. But Medina knows that another giant retailer, Office Depot, has announced plans to shut down a few locations, including the one at Southgate.

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