Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Franklin Tap - Deal of the Day at Groupon

We just got word that the popular coupon website, Groupon (, is featuring Franklin Tap (320 S. Franklin) as its deal for Wednesday, February 18th. The deal is a $50 gift certificate for $20. We doubt you can use the gift certificate for golden tee, but think about it this way…you could use the $30 you save to play.

If you’re not familiar with Groupon, it’s based on a fantastic idea…the idea of collective buying power. Since launching in November of last year, Groupon has saved Chicagoan’s over $100K. Moral of the story…they must be doing something right!

Manny’s Deli, one of Sloopin’s favorite places, is one of the many businesses that has taken advantage of Groupon’s popularity:

Manny's Coffee Shop & Deli, a Chicago institution, recently agreed to offer a $15 gift certificate for only $5 through Groupon if at least 35 people signed up for the discount. The offer far exceeded expectations, bringing Manny's a total of 500 customers. "On the date of our feature, Manny's was the talk of the East Bank Club!" says Manny's owner Ken Raskin. "It was a pleasure working with Groupon, and we'll definitely work with them again. The only complaints came from those who didn't visit the site in time to buy their Groupon!"


Anonymous said...

Groupon is certainly an interesting concept. Has Mr. Sloop ever used their services?

Sloopy said...

Sloopin has not used the services yet. However, we have been checking the site everyday to see if there is a groupon that appeals to us.

We're hoping the Manny's groupon deal comes back soon...ummmmm corned beef.