Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Will the U.S.' Olympic and World Cup bids affect each other?

My guess is no, especially since the Olympics (2016) would happen before the world cup (2018 or 2022). This blog entry on the Chicago Tribune points out some interesting examples of cities to host both events within a short span:
Mexico hosted the 1968 Summer Olympics and the 1970 World Cup, West Germany hosted the 1972 Summer Olympics and the 1974 World Cup and the United States hosted the 1994 World Cup and the 1996 Summer Olympics. Also, Brazil is hosting the 2014 World Cup and is currently in the running for the 2016 Olympics. England is hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics and is a contender for the 2018 World Cup.
As you can see above, the World Cup always followed the Olympics. My question to everyone is whether Brazil hosting the 2014 World Cup will affect Rio's chances of landing the 2016 Olympics?

Do the egomaniacs at the IOC really feel comfortable about their precious Summer Olympics following the World Cup? My guess is no, what do you think?

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