Thursday, October 9, 2008

South Loop Dining: Ma and I (1234 S Michigan Ave)

So tonight we went to Ma & I, which is a mid-priced restaurant with a variety of Asian dishes. I’ve been a couple time and have been very pleased with the overall atmosphere and most importantly the food.

However, tonight was a little different. We decided for the sushi and unfortunately we were a little disappointed. I went for the Millennium specialty role which sounded good, but all the ingredients didn’t work well together (mainly due to the cilantro being the overwhelming taste). My girlfriend went for a sweet potato tempura role (which is exactly what it sounds like) and a Uni Q role (which is your standard eel role). She usually loves eel, but wasn’t feeling this one.

Moral of the story, great place, but don’t go for the sushi. Do one of the noodle or thai dishes.

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colie said...

I decided to have Ma and I as a late night dinner last night. It again was just as good as always - certainly recommended for anyone!