Saturday, October 4, 2008

Flacos Tacos = Mouth full of Awesome

After a full evening of drinking, Dr. Dick, Nick D, Jimbo and I decided to try the newest Mexican joint in printer’s row. Although it was around 2am in the morning, the place had some action. Random dudes chowing on tacos, local college girls enjoying some burritos, and inebriated young professionals seeking yumminess.

I opted for the pollo burrito (which is chicken those of you who didn’t take Spanish) and was very pleased with the decision. The burrito comes standard with cheese, cilantro, onion and in my case chicken. There are other options if you need more, I didn’t. They also serve red and green salsa which was delicious however dangerous to squirt out of the bottle they come in (warning, point the bottle away from you otherwise it will explode in your face).

Take it with a grain of salt due to my night of boozing, but this was one of the better burritos I’ve had in awhile. I’m going back!

Flaco's Taco's Website

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