Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chicago 2016 Olympics Bid won't be effected by economy

So I’m a big proponent of Chicago’s 2016 Olympic Bid. I think it would be a great chance to showcase Chicago to the world. I also think the South Loop would play a big role in the development for the Olympics (which I’m always a fan of). With that said, here is an article by the IHT quoting Patrick Sandusky (Chicago's bid spokesman) as saying the economic crisis shouldn’t effect the bid:

"We don't feel that we'll have constraints by the federal government saying 'We can't put any more money into this because of the financial crisis'. It's not something we think would impact Chicago individually, it's more of a global phenomenon."

I’ll be posting articles, documents and opinions about the Olympics as I see fit, so stay tuned.

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Unknown said...

I agree with you Sloopy, I think this is a wonderful opportunity for Chicago. Let the world see our beautiful city and its incredible diversity. The Olympics offer an opportunity to "rebrand" our city to the international community is particular. This will benefit Chicago immeasurably over the course of several decades or more. Chicago is highly respected in the business world, but as far as international tourism (which albeit we enjoy quite a bit of), we could certainly have a lot more tourist dollars in our economy with better recognition abroad. We are sometimes viewed as a huge cut throat city to the uninitiated, where Michael Jordan and Al Capone vie for attention. The Olympics will also do much for the near south side, from the South Loop all the way down to beautiful Kenwood, Washington Park and Hyde Park as well as the city as a whole.